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Albanian Alps

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Albanian Alps offer breathtaking natural scenery and the best experience through some last untamed natural locations. Remote, wild and utterly breathtaking, this is a hiking destination that is little considered yet but highly rewarding.
The Albanian Alps stand for amazing nature and beautiful mountains, valleys, small villages and hospitable people.


  • Valbona
  • Vermosh
  • Theth


Valbona is located 25 km away from the city of Bajram Curri and is the most important inhabited center of the valley.It is full of traditional houses, which create a picturesque view in symmetry with the natural wonders of the valley, which widens again at this point. Valbona is also known for its characteristic regional cooking with specialties such as mazja, flija (a many layered pancake-like dish cooked outdoors over open coals and steamed, often served with local honey), and pitja.
Another interesting spot of the Western Alps is Vermosh, located in the northern-most mountains of Albania, 95 km from Shkodra in the region of Kelmend (. The first thing that catches your eye along the journey is Qafa e Rrapshit, where you can see the crystal-clear waters of the Cemi River creating a beautiful contrast with the surrounding landscape.
Vermosh is stated in an alpine field 1,100 m above sea level surrounded by high slopes. You can entertain yourself by trekking, mountain climbing, skiing or fishing for mountain trout. The locals are very proud that their cuisine is truly enjoyable for visitors when accompanied by their own dairy products, so be sure to indulge. A real journey among the people of this region will give you not only the chance to experience a world located between traditional village life and contemporary society, but will also let you enjoy the hospitality experienced by almost every visitor, who has been fortunate enough to visit.
Located in the Albanian Alps – also called the Accursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Namuna), Thethi National Park covers an area of 2,630 hectares. Thethi National Park is situated 70 km away from Shkodra and features several mountain peaks with over 2500 meters height. Through the Thethi National Park runs the Theth River with a plentiful supply of mountain trout. The Grunas waterfall is particularly worth visiting. T. Theth Valley was formed by glacial movements with its impressive and breathtaking northern part. Those hostile climatic conditions throughout the years created the steep mountains and the distinct gorgeous views, but also challenging hiking routes. There are many oak trees and a variety of animals in the park. The most astonishing parts of the Theth National Park are the rugged peak of Radoines (2570m), Arapit (2217m), Paplukës (2569m) and Alisë (2471m).
Thethi is a tourist – climbing, hiking and alpinist region and the most important tourist center of the northern Albania. Within the territory of Theth National Park and its surroundings there are about 170 caves and semi caves, out of which 10 caves are of international category. The most beautiful and most important caves of the Theth National Park are the cave of Rratheve and Harapi Cave. There are simple accommodation facilities in the Theth National Park, which provide tourist services to visitors – excellent organic homemade food and decent accommodation in their houses, in the gorgeous and remote areas of the Theth National Park.

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Created with Sketch. Albania Alps
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